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『Let us sing and dissolve our colours together
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Zyn. Pisces/Dragon. 19.03.88. Type O.
INFJ. lol comm arts. corporate junkie. 8x5 world domination tactics
Manila, Manila, I'm coming home to Manila

Supports advocacies of Peace, Environment, Gender Equality, Social Justice
and John! Uso daro! Minna de Po-po, pretty pole dancing boys
SUPER SENTAIS for a better future and chicks in bikins.
stealing from sachi

I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks.

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One quick post before LJ disappears again skjfhsk

cutest thing in the whole wide world ;; this is me, everyday, when I look at cat photos on Tumblr and Ate Tere's Plurk dash XD

☆ That is all ;; I'm just waiting for Sachi's cat so I can adopt another one *A*)/ Ponpon will have a playmate finally. Or maybe I should also get another puppy~

☆ BYE ;A; there are fics. You know where to find them XD
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(@ ⌒ ー ⌒ @) おはよ !ひさしぶり~

✖ Eh, yesterday I've been checking and updating plurk and LJ from my iPod but somehow they also blocked it on the wireless connection so really, I think my life is over. Goodbye fandom! loljk, I'll find a way TAT; There will be kind people who'll update me naaa~ winkwink 8DDDD

✖ I know I have a new fandom when I go stalk their blogs and squeal at any given moment like I'm 12-- I wasnt the squealing type when I was 12 but w/e. I've watched a couple (tons) of sentais when I was younger but ksdhfks I've never seen such flawless dynamics (even irl, I have to say, they are so cute and very close /o/~~~)

I have to say, this is also the fandom that is sorta parallel to my Horikoshi ships bec idek, dude, Marvelous/Everyone. Though somehow, I am convinced that Kazuki is really, ほんとにすごく, マジデ in love with Ryota. I used to ignore Captain before but he is so marvelous beyond words, he likes YUI and Maroon 5, he wanted to ba an NBA player when he was in gradeschool, and he has a pet plant, that he maybe my favorite now, well, next to Kazuki who reminds me so much of Inoo when the latter was younger and brattier.


✖ Recently, I've also fallen in love with the freshest lemon in the whole wide universe. Her back is so small ;o; I just want to protect her from the evils of the world.


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